Organic Food & Menu

Organic Food

At Discover Little Miracles Child Care your child’s diet is important to us. We believe that properly portioned, nutritious eating started at birth can develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Discover Little Miracles Child Care is the only daycare in the Fox Cities serving certified organic foods (70-100% organic/clean) to every child in our center, including infants. This means no preservatives, pesticides, fillers or genetically modified organisms (GMO). Our food is grown and produced in an all-natural free range environment. Organic food is fresh, full of flavor and is packed with higher levels of healthy vitamins and nutrients. Most of our food is locally grown supporting other local businesses.

Organic Food:

  • Is often fresher. Fresh food tastes better.
  • Does not contain preservatives, fillers, additives or genetically modified organisms (GMO).
  • Is better for the environment. Organic farming practices reduce pollution (air, water, soil), conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy.
  • Reduces your exposure to contaminants commonly found in foods that have been grown using conventional agricultural practices.
  • Organically raised animals are NOT given antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts.


At Discover Little Miracles Child Care we provide a variety of organic meals for all of the children at the center. Check out our August Menu. Also, check out some of our local vendors.